Art Television is a global media artwork, an innovative concept in visual arts: TELEVISION AS ART. For the first time in history of art we have an artwork that consists of modular media construction of digital video works that are broadcast via internet, satellites, cable and other TV networks globally, aimed at large audience.

Video artworks of diverse authors create a new virtual "on air" art form and become a sort of a "ready made of the informatics age". When put together, these excerpts of culture, these digital video recordings from all over the world, becomes a new image of our time, TV sculpture that consists of global flux of ideas that finds itself on "ground zero", on an imaginary, yet very real, turning point between the industrial and the informatics age, between the 20th and the 21st century -

Демо(н) текст

Лорем ипсум учкур чукур обло ћошко коцко...